Small, beautiful events.

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Air crash
8-bit techno, 80's hair crimes, absinthe, ainley, alan rickman, alan wilder's freckles, amanda palmer, american gods, androgyny, angering god, anton corbjin, arm socks, bad depeche mode covers, bad ideas, baking, battle angel alita, battle royal, bisexuality, black coffee, boba, bondage, boondock saints, buffy the vampire slayer, caffeine, chuck palahniuk, comics, cowbell, cowboy bebop, cross dressing, d&d, daft boots, dance dance revolution, darkwave, dave gahan's mic stand, david duchovny, davison, depeche fucking mode, devotional, doctor who, dr. horrible, drawing, emilie autumn, evangelion, fanfiction, fight club, final fantasy, firefly, fish net, forever 6 o' clock, freak rain storms, fryars, fucked up people, gankutsuou, good bad porn, good eats, hedonism, hello kitty, house md, insomnia, invader zim, it's only an accordion, jane fucking austen, japan, jellyfish, jhonen vasquez, keller machine, kevin smith, kingdom hearts, kittens, leather, legal addictions, lightning, little tikes musical equipment, lucius/narcissa, luna lovegood, mad science, malice mizer, martin gore, medical antiques, megalomania, metal clanky sounds, moogles, moonlight, mord-sith, muchness, mythbusters, mythology, neil gaiman, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, non sequiturs, oh mr. darcy, old skool squaresoft, organic device, over-complicated plans, panic! at the disco, penguins, photoshop, pocky, pre-recoil- a.wilder-project-w/-vocals-by-d.gahan, radiohead, rant, recoil, red dwarf, rocky horror picture show, sadman, sailor uranus, school girls, scone country, serial experiments lain, sex, silver, slash, snow, soft cell, spiders, star trek tng, stolichnaya, strong bad, super nintendo, teh internets, the 90's, the crow, the mad hatter, the master, the neverending story, the pearl district, the phantom tollbooth, the smiths, the vampire chronicles, the venture brothers, theta/koschei, tim burton, time compression, time traveling vespas, tonberrys, tori amos, trigun maximum, twin peaks, upright citizens brigade, utena, vampires, velvet, vnv nation, vodka, vodka man, warcraft, water, winter

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